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Best DevOps Certifications for Developers in 2024 (The Best Among Many)

According to the Global DevOps Market Research Study, the DevOps industry is expected to reach a CAGR of 19.04% to reach USD 14,554.23 million by 2027. However, it might be daunting to learn DevOps on your own.

That's why, there are a number of DevOps certifications and courses available on the Internet. Devops certifications are one of the best ways to add value to your CV and give your career a significant boost.

But it can be confusing at times to choose the best DevOps certification because of the huge number of available certifications.

Best DevOps Certifications

In this article, I am going to talk about the best DevOps certifications that come with great pricing.

I will be providing all the information regarding pricing, duration, format, language, etc.

The collected information is based on the trends that revolve around cloud computing, Infrastructure automation, Continuous Delivery, Configuration Management, and more in DevOps tools.

It can be hard for you to learn all the skills in one place, so I would suggest you choose the certification that fits best with your career.

What is DevOps?

DevOps refers to the combination of IT engineers, developers, and operations. A set of tools automates several stages of DevOps.

A developer creates an initial strategy to select the user module and algorithm. After this step, the program gets coded and then the developer saves it in a repository like Git.


Version control is the process of storing both the original code and its versions (changes) to it in a repository. 

The next stage is the build stage where the code is made executable after fetching using tools like Maven and Gradle.

After this, the product is examined for bugs before deployment. A famous automated testing tool is used here called Selenium. 

After successful testing, the deployment is done by the DevOps engineers. This is not the end of the process, though the configuration of the product happens regularly.

You must be wondering how it is done. Well, let me introduce amazing automation tools like Ansible, Docker, Puppet, and more like this to get the work done. 

DevOps helps other businesses to let them closely work with developers and IT engineers to determine all the various stages of deployment of the software and further process.

This process includes the development and distribution of the software and the solution for the bugs. 

What are the Best DevOps Certifications in 2024?

Here is the detailed DevOps certification list that you need to know:

  1. Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator
  2. Docker Certified Associate
  3. CKA Certified Kubernetes Certification
  4. CKAD Certified Kubernetes Developer
  5. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam
  6. Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS)
  7. Azure DevOps Solution Certification Exam
  8. HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate
  9. KCNA (Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Associate)

1. Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS)

For the DevOps engineer, Linux administration is indeed an important skill. You can get huge savings on this course with their exclusive Linux Foundation Coupons.


If you want to get certified and recognized as a DevOps engineer, LFCS is your stepping stone. This exam is totally online but proctored tests and performance-based.

LFCS is a great choice for candidates willing to earn the Linux system administration skill set. The certified candidates can successfully work to design, install and manage the Linux configurations.

  • Cost of exam: $395 for exam only or $595 for exam and course.
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Question type:

2. Docker Certified Associate

The need for Docker Certified Associate is for the Docker practitioners who have some prior experience in working with Docker.


If you are a person with some significant experience in Docker, then you must check out this best DevOps certification. 

The Docker practitioners have created and designed this certification that includes real-world scenarios to assess the validity of the skillset. 

Eligibility: You must have 6 months or more experience as Docker Practitioner

  • Cost of the exam: $195
  • Duration of the exam: 90 mins
  • Question Type of the exam: 55 MCQs

3. CKA Certified Kubernetes Certification

The first thing that the CKA Certified Kubernetes Certification program looks at is the skills, competence, and knowledge needed for a Kubernetes administrator.


This certification involves a three-hour online test that comprises performance-based problems. The applicant needs to solve these problems in a command line. 

The best thing about this certification is that the users show their command-line proficiency in this software by working hands-on.

The goal of the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) program looks after the fact that CKAs are competent and have the knowledge, competencies, and skills necessary to perform Kubernetes administrator duties.

Furthermore, the Kubernets Certification coupon will give you discounts of up to 50% on various Kubernets courses.

  • Cost of the exam: $395
  • Duration of the exam: 3 hours
  • Question Type of the exam: Problem-Solving

4. CKAD Certified Kubernetes Developer

The CKAD certification is the next level that is designed for candidates who are already professionals in Kubernetes ecosystem tasks.


There are several parameters that this certification measures and they include the capacity to create/design, build, expose, and configure native cloud apps for Kubernetes. 

The best thing about CKAD is that certified application developers can instantly establish their name and value in the market. They are also experts who help businesses for acquiring top-notch teams and for supporting growth.

An important thing to note is that the candidates must have good knowledge of Java, Python, or any other programming language, and OCI-Compliant Container Runtime and infrastructure.

  • Cost of the exam: $395
  • Duration of the exam: 2 hours
  • Question Type of the exam: Problem-Solving

5. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam

If you are someone who is interested in a range of duties and tasks in the AWS cloud, then AWS Certifications are the best certifications in DevOps.


The factors that are being tested here are the candidates' technological skills and their expertise in managing distributed systems on the AWS platform and also their applications.

The AWS DevOps Engineer Professional certification exam evaluates all these factors of applicants.

A candidate must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the operational and development processes and procedures for the test. It is a must to acquire substantial training in automating infrastructures and operating system management. 

I would suggest you read manuals, books, and white papers to be ready for the AWS DevOps Engineer Professional test.

You also need to take some online courses, practice examinations and engage yourself in discussion forums to increase your performance.

You can appear in the test in various languages, i.e., Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or English.

  • Cost of the exam: $300
  • Duration of the exam: 170 minutes
  • Question Type of the exam: 40-65 MCQs

6. Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS)

CKS mainly considers the Kubernetes application deployment security best practices.


The best thing about these certification subjects is that they are organized such that you can comprehend all of the concepts and tools that are relevant to Kubernetes container security.

It is important for you to have a valid CKA certification to take CKS. You may think that the CKS certification exam is tougher than both CKA and CKS, so prepare yourself for the same. 

  • Cost of the exam: $395
  • Duration of the exam: 2 hours
  • Question Type of the exam: Problem-Solving

If you feel the pricing is a bit higher then you can always check out the Kubernetes certification coupon to avail discount on your course.

7. Azure DevOps Solution Certification Exam

You can think of Microsoft Azure as a cloud computing service just like Google Cloud Platform and AWS.

On this platform, you will get email servers, web servers, virtual machines, databases, user directories, and file storage servers.

The combination of Azure with DevOps simplifies and accelerates the whole DevOps process and has a significant impact on the speed and reliability of deployments. 

Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certification especially verifies your expertise, skills, and knowledge of Azure DevOps experts.

  • Eligibility of the exam: Azure Administrator Associate and Azure Developer Associate
  • Cost  of the exam: $165
  • Duration of the exam: 170 minutes
  • Question Type of the exam: 40-60 MCQs

8. HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate

The HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate certification provides you with the validity of your expertise in making the best use of the HashiCorp Terraform.


This includes providing, maintaining, and managing any cloud infrastructure. The certification test covers the fundamental abilities necessary to utilize Terraform to supply infrastructure successfully.

  • Cost of the exam: $70
  • Duration of the exam: 1 hour
  • Question Type of the exam: MCQs

9. KCNA (Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Associate)

In case you have been feeling that certifications like CKAD or CKA are not of your standard and you wanna step on the ladder slowly, then KCNA is the best option for you to begin your certification journey with.


It is a combined certification introduction test to Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Associate.

The test focuses on students who are beginners in the knowledge of Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies, and it covers the fundamentals of these technologies.

  • Cost  of the exam: Free take + $250
  • Duration  of the exam: 90 minutes
  • Question Type  of the exam: MCQs

What Are The Benefits of Getting DevOps Certified?

According to the Annual Open Source Employment Report, 90% of businesses want to train their employees in DevOps certifications and tools. Well, why not?

Because there are immense benefits to getting DevOps certifications.

Here are the quick benefits of taking these DevOps certifications, and they are:

  • It adds value to your career
  • Improves your technical skills
  • Keeps up with all the upcoming advanced technologies
  • You get much-improved job opportunities
  • Opportunity to gain hands-on knowledge and experience with a tool's functionality
  • You will start earning more. Technical skills get you a lot of money.

Conclusion: Which is the Best DevOps Certification?

I have provided you with all the prominent and best DevOps Certifications list, and I am expecting that you have decided till now which one you will go with.

If not yet, then you must go through the details of the certifications once more to choose the DevOps certification that matches your career option.

The benefits of these courses are enough to compel you to spend some money on DevOps learning.

There are certain courses in which free admission is also available like the Kubernetes and Clound-Native Associate and CKA Certified Kubernetes Certification, which you can use wisely to test your skills and knowledge.


Is It Worth Getting DevOps Certified?

DevOps certification is a great career choice in 2023. It is one of the most popular courses that is available for the DevOps engineers.

Is DevOps high paying?

DevOps is a great and real high paying jobs that can offer yearly compensation of up to $133,086.

Are there any free DevOps certification courses?

There are few free DevOps certification courses from Udemy, and Google Cloud Certification courses.

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