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20 Most Profitable Evergreen Blogging Niches in 2024 (Low Competition & Profitable)

According to Startup Bonsai, 77 percent of internet users read blogs. As a blogger, it should matter a lot that you have millions of audiences to target. 

But the question is what should you write about? You can say that it is the easiest and the hardest part. Easy as in you just start blogging about what you love or like (e.g., fashion or boots). 

Hard as in you want to make a profitable business and attract most of the audience. In this case, you will have to make decisions strategically keeping in mind the Evergreen Blogging Niche.

You should look for the best Evergreen Blogging Niches because they are going to serve you as a niche for a very long period. If you are planning to write something that is trendy now and can fade away after some time then my friend, it is a bad choice. 

You must choose an Evergreen Niche for Blogging while you are starting your blogging journey

I am going to mention all the best Evergreen Blogging Niches and why they are important, their related blogging websites, and more information about the same.

Profitable Evergreen Blogging Niches

So, Let’s DIVE IN!

Best Evergreen Blogging Niches (FOREVER & EVER)

Below I am going to provide you with the best Evergreen Blogging Niches. Read along to know what fits you the best!

  1. Health & Fitness Niche 
  2. Personal Finance Niche
  3. Digital Marketing Evergreen Niche
  4. Blogging Niche
  5. Tech Niche
  6. Make Money Online Niche 
  7. Career Niche
  8. Food Niche 
  9. Travel Niche
  10. Self help Niche 
  11. Fashion Niche 
  12. DIY & Craft Niche 
  13. Home Decor Niche 
  14. Online course & eLearning Niche
  15.  Pet Niche 
  16. Startup Niche 
  17. Entertainment Niche 
  18. Relationship Niche

1. Health & Fitness Niche 

Health and Fitness are something that will never leave your back. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you need to take care of these two. Being one of the fundamental needs, Health and Fitness Niche is one of the most read topics on the internet. 

According to WHO, only 2 out of 10 teenagers are living a healthy life that includes physical activity. 

The most obvious reason behind so many people reading about Health and Fitness is that we invest our time and money in our health, and we do not want to go that as a waste.

Putting the efforts strategically for Health and Fitness purposes, people want to gain the best knowledge about the same. 

You can read the best Evergreen Health and Fitness Niche, that is Mark Daily Apple for some context over what impact these blogs have on people, how it is going now, and when did it start. All of the information is available in the about section. 

This makes the Health and Fitness Niche one of the best Evergreen Blogging Niches. Health-conscious people, gym freaks, and fitness enthusiasts love to stay updated with the upcoming research and invention in the Health and Fitness Industry. 

This niche includes topics like building muscles, losing weight, getting leaner, workout routines, diet plans, calorie deficit/surplus, mental health issues, etc.

As you can see, the Health and Fitness Niche is something that is so diverse and its spectrum covers a wide range of problems and their solutions. 

If you are looking for the best evergreen blogging niche, then I would suggest going with the Health and Fitness Niche. I know that I cannot be wrong in this!

Some of my favorite Health and Fitness Blogging sites are- Carrots N Cake, Born Fitness, and Keep It Simpelle. You should check these out.

Blog Weblog Media Digital Social Dictionary Online Concept - Stock Image

2. Personal Finance Niche

Does it ever happen to you that when the salary comes in at the beginning of the month, you start spending a lot, and later at the end of the month, you fall short on money?

The responsibility of money is a crucial one and does not allow compromises, especially when you are not earning a big amount. 

Money insurance concept. People protecting their cash and savings with shield. Flat vector illustration for safe loan, assurance, finance, guarantee topics

Who does not want to learn self-finance management and save some money?

People do not want their hard-earned money to get wasted, rather they want the money to be used in the best way that it can. 

Experience in finance is as important as earning money. You should work hard to earn money, and also you need to learn financial management to spend money efficiently and productively. 

Can you believe the fact that in 2022, only 24% of American citizens improved their financial management when they compare themselves to 2021? Learning Personal Finance is important and you cannot avoid this for sure!

Now, I am going to talk about the topics that the best Evergreen Blogging Niche includes investment, savings, budgets, family planning, career planning, and more. 

If you read the blogs of Nerd Wallet, you would understand what I am talking about. Other sources could be Good Financial Cents, The Balance, Mint Life, and more.

3. Digital Marketing Niche

In today's digital world, one of the most important things that a business pays attention to is the Digital Marketing Niche. This is true for both big and small businesses. Digital marketing is also a very varied topic that covers all the ways of getting your business ahead digitally. 

If you master this niche, you can reach make a 6-figure or even 7- figure income.

There are several topics that Digital Marketing Niche includes, and they are Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Handling, Algorithms, Analytics, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, Outreach Management, and more.

Even if you want to build your brand or be a social media influencer, then you try to learn more about Digital Marketing, because that is how you reach out to millions of people out there. 

There are so many famous Digital Marketing blogs that are being read by millions every day. They include Quick Sprout Blog, Seth Godin Blog, Hub Spot Blog, and Buffer Blog. You will easily find so many relevant blogs on a huge range of topics that people need to work on. 


A forecast has been made that by 2028, the worth of the Digital Marketing industry would increase to 24.1 Billion. The scope in Digital Marketing Niche is extremely high in demand and people would read you and follow you if you help them by assisting them properly.

4. Blogging Niche

Blogging NIche is one of the most productive and popular ways to make money on the internet. All you gotta do is to get your website, choose a domain, and start blogging. If you have an interest in writing, then Blogging will be easy enough for you. 

If you would look at the blog of Camille Styles, you would understand how a professional blogging site should look. Other examples of working in the Blogging Niche are Mind Body Green and Fleur de Force

You can make money online by working as a freelancer as well. Several other options like an internship, content writing, content editing, blogging, virtual assistance, and more are available. 

According to the Web Tribunal, there are more than 600 million blogs available on the internet, so I guess you would assume that you have high competition. Yes, the competition is high, but if your blogs become successful, then the profitability will be high too. 

Blogging is highly connected with Digital Marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.

So, if you have good writing skills then you can attract customers for various brands. When people buy using your link, you are gonna get paid a commission over that purchase. 

5. Tech Niche

Our general lives and daily activities are indulged in technology. I am even using technology (my laptop) to write this article and post it on the internet. So we can assume that the Tech Niche is going to stay with us.

AI, Machine learning, Hands of robot and human touching on big data network connection background, Science and artificial intelligence technology, innovation and futuristic.

New technological advancements are done every day, and you will always have something new to make content about. 

Now and then there is a new smartphone, laptop, computer, watch, gadget, etc. that's coming to the market. Not only this you can talk about, photography technology, security technology, Artificial Intelligence, and more.

Do you know that Globally, the AI market has been calculated at around USD 136 billion?

This specialization is perfect for you if you love technology and consider yourself to be an expert in the field. It is better to focus on a smaller area of this niche because it is so large and you will get a good crowd.

Reviewing and rating tech products is a great way to make money with a tech blog. I think everyone’s heart is filled with technological love, and you can use this fact in the best way that you can for your blogs. 

You can check out the best Evergreen Blogging Niche that is Electric to get an idea about Tech Niche Blogging. 

6. Make Money Online Niche 

The best way to make money online is to start your blogging website and start your commercial business. People think that these things are best as a side hustle, but I believe that if you give proper thought to it then the business can be successful.

If you are making money online successfully, then you can think of blogging about your journey, the relevant information about that business, and even several tips and tricks that will do good.

In the blogs like Smart Passive Income and Shout Me Loud, you would see how inspiring and motivating the blogs are. They will shape people’s minds in a way that they would feel motivated to start their businesses and make money online.

Are you aware that 88% of people research before they buy any product? Yes, so in this way giving people relevant information about making money online can be important for them. 

7. Career Niche

Who does not want a successful career? Everyone. And everyone reads or does research on how to make a successful career. So, why not talk about careers, and help other people to get their dream jobs? 

You must be aware of the fact that Job-hopping is going down, and just 16% of Americans change jobs in 1 to 3 -years. 

It is necessary to provide some valuable information about how to fix a resume/CV, upskilling, diversity, intercultural workplace, career development, job hunting, etiquette, etc. 

Trust me, there will be many interested readers out there who are looking for some real help in their careers. You can analyze the blogs of Idealist Careers, Girl Boss, and Career Contessa, and learn from them to write Evergreen Career Niche Blogs.

8. Food Niche 

Food is my favorite thing. I am going to try something new today. The first thing I would do is to go and read something about it on the internet.

Write about the expected 7.9% rise in food pricing in 2023, and see how people are reacting to that news. Be the first one to write about hot and spicy food topics and see how differently people will react to them. 

There are many food blogging niches that you can blog about ranging from delicious, luxury feasts, 5-minute meals, vacation meals, regional meals, seafood, vegetarian food, non-vegetarian food, and more.


There are tons of blogs that include diet plans, recipes, and other cooking advice. If you can be inventive, and creative and give it your own special spin with your own recipes, meal planning, or cooking style, then that is the best.

In this way, you can add value and uniqueness to your blog, and that is what the audience likes.

Do visit the websites of Love & Lemons, and Cookie and Kate, and get your mouth watered. 

9. Travel Niche

Traveling and vacations go hand in hand. It is something that people would never stop doing unless a pandemic would hit us again (not that I want to T-T). 


Travel Niche can fit both the occasional luxury vacation and the one who spends most of the year traveling to every corner of the world. Traveling is a family tradition for a lot of people, and it is never-ending. 

Travel is a fascinating subject that anyone with a sense of adventure may write about.

Dan Flying Solo, Y Travel Blog, and Travel Tom Tom are some of the most popular Travel blogging platforms. Do check them out!

10. Self help Niche 

Personal growth is a lifetime adventure that involves everyone. It is not an easy process for someone to do this on their own. What I am trying to say is that at any age or level of life, self-improvement is essential since it makes our lives better.

Some blogs give fantastic advice on how to approach personal growth and development, whether it's time management, meditating, exercising, being a kind person, or being more attentive.

Tony Robbins, the highest-paid speaker in the country who makes over $1 billion a year, is in charge of the motivational speaking industry in the US.

As the goal of the self-help niche is to ‘assist' someone with their life challenges, you may achieve this goal by sharing your journey, challenges, and past experiences. You can share both good and bad experiences.

Can you imagine that this niche has around 10k sub-niches? 

This is one of the best evergreen blogging niches, and you can blindly trust this fact.

11. Fashion Niche 

If you are a fashion freak, and you love wearing trendy clothes, buying expensive bags, and wearing amazing shoes, then this niche is for you. Fashion Niche is one of the best Evergreen Blogging Niche.


I think fashion is something that everyone likes to gossip about. Did you see Kylie Jenner’s Lion-head black dress or Doja Cat’s full red costume? Oh my God! Yes. This is exactly what I am talking about. 

Fashion has been alive forever, and it will go on forever. Have you been discussing with your friends about the K-pop fashion culture and its influence? I guess yes because I cannot stop talking about this ever. 

It is one of the most profitable blogging topics that will never go out of style.

Fashion-savvy bloggers have had no shortage of opportunities to write about clothing, fashion, jewelry, shoes, bags, and style. This can be the right choice for you if you love fashion and are constantly searching for the latest trends.

You can also talk about the fashion sub-niches of plus-size clothing, capsule wardrobes, and more as per your interest

Have you explored the pages of Egg Canvas, The Daileigh, and Atlantic Pacific? I would highly recommend these best Fashion Niche blogs to read and analyze. They can provide you with a vision. 

12. DIY & Craft Niche 

By 2024, it is expected that the global arts and crafts market would reach $50.9 billion.

DIY & Craft niche is one of the best low-competition evergreen blogging niches that allow you to experiment with your skills.

I have always loved seeing my mother interested in crafts and art things. If you are too, then this would be a great topic to research, write, and blog about. Writing about a particular craft is much simpler when you love it and enjoy doing it.

Also, developing your craft while doing research for your blog is beneficial! Given that you'll enjoy it, this is one of the best evergreen blogging genres to be in.

You can also pursue other blogging opportunities, such as starting a YouTube channel for your hobby or making digital products and selling them online to your customers. There is a high possibility of making a lot of money with affiliate marketing if your hobby or DIY project requires the purchase of expensive tools and supplies.

A Beautiful Mess and Paper & Stitch are two best examples of DIY and Craft Niche. 

13. Home Decor Niche 

Home is where the HEART is, and the heart seeks beauty. If you want to make your home amazing where you can relax, and at times show off that expensive dining table that you bought. It's Okay!

Home is always the place where people turn to after a long tiring day. If you start blogging about Home Decor, then you would get a huge audience. This crowd will help you in getting the money that you want to make through blogging. 


For inspiration on how to decorate their own homes, many people consult websites on interior design and home décor. Think about all the available Pinterest boards for home decor, and how many pins they get usually.

You may further specialize your search by choosing home décor that is specific to your style, neighborhood, way of life, and expertise.

Apartment 34, Addicted 2 Decorating, and All Sorts Of are some of the most popular websites to refer to while you are about to start your best Evergreen Niche Blog. 

14. Online course & e-Learning Niche

You must have heard of Coursera and Udemy; how they are profitable businesses now and have been selling courses online. They are one of the best e-Learning platforms and have a huge customer base as well.


If you want to write about the best Evergreen Blogging Niche and want to leave a positive impact on society/youth, then you must choose the Online Course & e-Learning Niche.

The best thing about this niche is that you do not need to have any expertise and you may write about education in a variety of ways. There is no need to be an expert or a teacher to do so.

Target your audience and then create your blogging topics or sub-niche accordingly.

15. Pet Niche 

According to The Zebra, around 37 million millennials own a pet. So, here is your number. You have a whole 37 million audience. Depending upon which pet you are interested in, the audience may vary. 

The most famous pets are Cats and Dogs. If you are a Taylor Swift fan, then you must know how much she loves cats. And all the Swifties out there also love cats. So, imagine you write a blog about cats and you relate it to Taylor Swift. Don’t you think that the blog will be viral?

I do. 

dogs and cats pets friendly vector illustration design
dogs and cats pets friendly vector illustration design

You may also look into related subtopics like pet grooming, pet care, pet health, and pet supplies like food, toys, and equipment. Pet blogs have the potential to be very successful through affiliate marketing.

A great pet blog for cat owners is The Conscious Cat. The blog's founder talks about her own experiences with her cat Buckley and how to properly care for cats like feeding, brushing their likes and dislikes, and more.

16. Startup Niche 

According to Oberlo, there are around 500 million entrepreneurs in the world, and in the year 2022; 5.1 entrepreneurs emerged in the United States. 

More and more people see the importance of becoming their bosses and are founding their enterprises. And the craze of starting your own business is greater than ever. I think you should take advantage of this era, and write a blog about it.


If you have prior experiences in startups, then you must write about your experiences. You can talk about the common mistakes entrepreneurs make, their discipline, behavior, and more. 

How to stay motivated as an entrepreneur is another great topic in the best Evergreen Blogging Niche. I guess this is your chance to profit off of your experience, whether you are a startup business owner or have previous experience working with startups.

Startup bloggers provide a variety of content, including podcasts and movies, covering many elements of starting and operating a firm as well as how to succeed. You can talk about your business strategy, instruct others on the best startup resources and marketing, or even relate your own entrepreneurial experiences.

You can make so much incredible content in this field.

Startup Nation, Young Up Starts, and On startups are some great Startup Niche Blogging to go through and analyze their niche pattern. 

17. Entertainment Niche 

Firsthand says that by 2023, it is anticipated that the media and entertainment industry would increase to $825 billion.

Anything related to entertainment is a topic of conversation and gossip, whether it be a television program, a concert, sports, or nightlife. Nowadays, that is what people love to do on social media. Especially in the comment section of some posts that are full of people discussing entertainment. 

A successful entertainment blog might help you make money. The best thing about this niche is that you do not have to do any extra research because these things are usually trendy and known. You already have access to a ton of news and stuff related to movies, TV series, or celebrity news. 

You can visit the Entertainment blogs of TMZ, People, and Page Six. They talk about all the hot and spicy news that attracts people's attention and increases traffic on their blogs. You can consider this niche one of the best Evergreen Blogging Niches.

18. Relationship Niche

Harvard Research says that human happiness depends upon the close relationship of the person with their partner, family, friends, and other close relatives. Your romantic life is something that majorly considers the happiness of your life.


One of the most lucrative and popular blog categories is the romance topic. Information regarding relationships and dating will always be necessary since love and connection are essential human needs.

There are several sub-niches that you conduct your research on. It includes dating advice, dating website reviews, relationship needs, intimacy advice, intimacy counseling, marriage inspiration, and more. 

You can choose a target audience for your blog, which could be teenagers who are usually confused about their relationships and suffer from those heartbreaks. 

The Gottman Relationship Blog will give you good relationship advice along with scientific reasons. You can also refer to some good advice on Practical Intimacy Blog, and Love and Life Toolbox

What does the Evergreen blogging niche mean? 

An evergreen niche keeps providing readers with content that is valuable and does not depend on the period. Although starting a blog in one of the most popular niches could increase traffic temporarily, your website will become less relevant as the requirement of the popularity of your niche goes away.

This niche lasts forever and does not depend upon short-term trends or seasonal hype to generate traffic on blogs. The topics or products in the evergreen niche are usually in demand all the time, and people always browse the same regardless of what season, month, or year are going.  

One of the main benefits of the Evergreen niche is that it can help you in earning a lot of money. 

Evergreen Niche yields high search engine rankings, draws attention (traffic), and generates leads (affiliate marketing).

I have provided you with a list of the best evergreen blogging niches that are in great demand as more people hunt for them.

Why choose Evergreen Blogging Niche? 

You need to choose Evergreen Blogging Niche because you do not want your audience to vanish with time. You need to build a blog with a niche that stays forever. 

Let’s imagine that you start writing content about ChatGPT which is one of the most popular AI tools. But after a year when ChatGPT goes off the trend, what you are going to do with your blog?

Now let’s consider another scenario, where your niche is fintech advancement. You can see that this niche will not fade away any time soon. 

Fads and trends pass away, but timeless needs stay.

Diets come and go, but weight loss is constant.

You are risking your business and work if you choose a non-evergreen niche.

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I hope that you are now well aware of all the best evergreen blogging niches and you know what to start your blogging career with. Make sure that you choose an evergreen niche because that is very necessary for the long life of your profitability.

I think Health & Fitness, Fashion, Tech, Food, and Travel are some best evergreen niches that are going to serve you a good amount of money. You would need to select some sub-niches as well, and you will have to do it according to your interest. 

You must always look for a strategic way to write a blog. Make sure that whatever you are blogging about, you must have a huge interest in that particular niche because that is what keeps you going in the future. 

All The Best!

FAQs on Evergreen Blogging Niches:

Can we rank our Evergreen blogging niche blog?

The Evergreen Blogging niche also helps in Search Engine Optimization, and this helps in the ranking of your blog as well. 

Which Blog niches are most profitable? 

Some of the most profitable blogging niches are Blogging, Making money online, Health & Fitness, Digital Marketing, Personal Finance, Personal Development, and Self-care.

What are the best Blogging platforms to make money?

The Best blogging platforms to make money are WordPress, Wix, and Ghost which enable easy traffic and monetization.

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