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Linux Foundation Training Review 2023: Best Training & Bootcamps

Linux Foundation Training Review

Do you have an interest in Linux or want to learn more about it?

So, in this Linux Foundation training Review, I will discuss my experience with Linux Foundation Training and how it helped me to become a Linux Expert from just using a graphical interface for operations to the command line for coding.


The points I am going to discuss in this article are:

  • What exactly is the Linux Foundation?
  • Which Linux Foundation courses and Certificates are Offered?
  • Details about each Linux Foundation Course, as well as which one is ideal for you i.e. cloud engineer and Bootcamp Programs available on the course.
  • How these certifications can help you in your career.
  • What are Linux Foundation Career Opportunities?
  • Also included are features, Pros & Cons, and cost (paid and free courses) of the Linux Foundation Training.

So, in this review, I'll go over all you need to know about Linux Foundation Training and Linux Foundation Kubernetes Training And Certifications, and a lot more.

The Linux Foundation isn't simply some organization that sits around and twiddles its bash shell all day. To fulfill their purpose of community building, they provide Linux classes as well as various sorts of Linux and Linux-related training. 

The training is well-planned and simple to follow. The option to start and stop was really useful. The amount of time given between halted studies was quite beneficial. 

Linux Foundation Training will help you gain a good working knowledge of Linux and teach you how to navigate major Linux distributions, system configurations, and the graphical interface of Linux, as well as basic command-line operations.

It will also increase your capacity to work smoothly in a Linux environment. Over millions of open source, professionals have registered in Linux Foundation Training courses and have been certified by the experts who are producing the world's most significant open-source projects.

Table of Contents

TLDR; How can I get free Linux Foundation courses?

1. The Linux Foundation is the world’s largest non-profit technology consortium that carries out initiatives in many open source technologies, Courses, Certifications, software, Kubernetes Training, Kubernetes Certification, Cloud engineer blockchain, etc

2. The Linux Foundation is providing courses and certifications in many domains of technology like cloud computing, open-source software, and other Linux and Linux adjacent technologies for those who want to upskill themselves in these domains.


3. If you are interested in these courses and increase your brand value you can get access to any one of the courses at a 30% discount by using the Linux Foundation Coupons linux30

4. Most of the courses provided by the Linux Foundation are pre-recorded lessons however some courses contain live training sessions, workshops, etc. The Linux Foundation provides both free and paid certifications.

What Is The Linux Foundation?

The Linux Foundation is a non-profit technology consortium founded in the year 2000 as a merger between Open source Development labs and free standards group.

Linux supports, hosts, and promotes open-source software projects.


Linux Foundation carries out many initiatives in the field of software, climate finance, open-source technologies, etc., and amongst its many initiatives, it provides training and certification on various topics and software.

In March 2014, Linux Foundation partnered with EdX to provide Massive Online Open Classes (MOOCs).

The first course started by Linux was Introduction to Linux which was later on followed by many other courses related to DevOps, Cloud Foundry and Cloud-Native Software Architecture, Apache Hadoop, Cloud Infrastructure Technologies, and OpenStack.

Throughout these years Linux has been at the forefront to democratize the technology space.

Additionally, the Linux Foundation provides a neutral home for Linus Torvalds (founder of Linux) and Greg Kroah-Hartman (lead maintainer) to preserve and accelerate Linux kernel development.

Linux Foundation Kubernetes Training & Certifications

Kubernetes is an open-source Container-Orchestration system that helps to automate computer application deployment, management, and scaling.

Linux Foundation Kubernetes Training And Certifications

Kubernetes was originally developed by Google; however, it is now maintained by Linux’s Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Because of its broad uses and application, there has been a huge demand for Kubernetes experts and professionals and Linux Kubernetes Training Programs are the best place to learn Kubernetes in-depth and gain hands-on training as well.

Let us see some of the best Kubernetes certifications offered by Linux Foundation Training. 

Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)

This Certification by The Linux Foundation on Kubernetes is a gold-standard certification that can make you a complete Kubernetes Administrator and take your career to new heights.


The cost of this certification is $499 which includes the course as well as the exam however if you just want to appear for the exam and get certified, this certification can cost $300.

Certified Kubernetes Administrator is suitable for people who aspire to be Kubernetes professionals, administrators, and Cloud administrators. This certification can also benefit other IT professionals as well as fresh IT graduates.

With this certification in Kubernetes, you will be able to install, configure and manage production-grade Kubernetes clusters.

Kubernetes Fundamentals (LFS258)

You can buy Kubernetes Fundamentals for $299 and if you want to appear for the exam and get certified, you need to pay $499.


The course is ideal for those professionals or students who wish to manage containerized application infrastructure. 

The course will teach you how to manage and use the container management platform used by leading companies like Google to manage their application infrastructure.

The course also touches upon key principles such as pods, deployments, replica sets, and services.

Kubernetes Security Essentials (LFS260)

Kubernetes Security Essentials is quite an advanced course offered by The Linux Foundation Training.


This course is ideal for anyone who already has CKA Certification and is looking forward to advancing his/her skillset in cloud security mechanisms the good thing is that you can also avail CKA discount. 

You can do Kubernetes Security Essentials for $299 and if you want to appear for the exam and get certified, you need to pay $499.

The course includes hands-on labs to build and secure a Kubernetes cluster and monitor and log security events.

This course is the base for the Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS) Certification exam. 

What Are The Free Courses Available on Linux Foundation?

Introduction to Kubernetes (LFS158x)

The course on Introduction to Kubernetes is an ideal course for the candidates looking forward, to beginning with Kubernetes and wanting to explore careers in the Kubernefffvftes domain and related technologies. 


The course is available for free on The Linux Foundation Training however you need to pay to get certification after completing the course. 

The course will give you an overview of Kubernetes and teach you about the origin, architecture, primary components, and building blocks of Kubernetes.

This course will form a beginning strong base for you to pursue higher-level Kubernetes certification and get specialized.

A Beginner’s Guide to Open Source Software Development

This course is made to train students in key concepts involved in developing open-source software, the benefits of OSS, tell you which open-source projects form the foundations of today’s technology worldwide,


OSS Licensing issues, how to use projects such as FOSSology and SPDX, best practices for the long-term sustainability of projects, and a lot of other fundamentals of Open source software development.

The course is suitable for software developers who want to understand the rules of creating open-source software. It is suitable for both a beginner and an experienced professional. 

The course contains 15 chapters on every aspect of Open Source Software Development.

Inclusive Speaker Orientation

This course was created in collaboration with the National Center for Women & IT, this course is designed to provide students with essential knowledge and practical skills to promote diversity in the organization and in presentation, messaging, and other aspects of communication in professional life.


It also teaches you how to deal with unconscious bias in the technological field and become an effective communicator. 

The course is suitable for everyone who wants to become an effective communicator, it is also a good course for anyone who communicates with people in the technology field on a day-to-day basis. 

The course is just 2 hours long and has three modules. You get unlimited access to this course and it is a self-paced course.

Paid Courses Available on Linux Foundation

Now let us move ahead with discussing paid courses on Linux Foundation course reviews. 

Introduction to Linux, Open Source Development, and GIT (LFD301)

This course is delivered by 4 days of online live virtual classes or you can even opt for classroom training. So, make sure that you book your 4-day slot for the course before it gets filled. 


In this course, you will learn in detail about the history of Linux and what differentiates Linux from other UNIX-like operating systems, what are the main components of a Linux system, how to use these components, and what are the essentials of the system administration.

You can enroll in this course for $3250.

Kubernetes Fundamentals (LFS258)

The course costs you $299 however if you want to take an exam and get certified you need to pay $499. The course is delivered through pre-recorded video lessons and can take 35 hours to complete.


After payment, you get 12 months of access to the course. The course contains 17 lessons and one exam.

The course will teach you how to use the container management platform used by companies like Google to manage their application infrastructure.

Essentials of Linux System Administration (LFS201)

The course costs you $299 however if you want to take an exam and get certified you need to pay $499. The course is delivered through pre-recorded video lessons and can take 50 to 60 hours to complete.


After payment, you get 12 months of access to the course. The course contains 44 lessons and one exam.

The course will increase the student’s ability to clear the Linux Foundation Certified Systems Administrator (LCFS) exam and give a boost to their Career.

Types Of Projects

You can work on a variety of projects with the Linux Foundation, including:

1. Community Projects

Projects hosted by the Linux Foundation benefit from its governance structure and back-end resources. SPDX, FOSSology, CHAOSS, Linuxboot, and OpenBMC are all hosted projects.

2. Community Projects & Funding

These Projects raise funds from the public to provide resources and infrastructure, such as code repositories, continuous integration systems, testing resources, conformance program resources, and developer events.

These projects do not have to contribute technical or financial support from their membership. Node.js, OpenAPI Initiative, Open Container Initiative, Open Mainframe, Xen Project, and Zephyr are among these projects.

3. Umbrella Community + Funding

Various projects are funded through the same mechanism and center on technology. This will enable the community to pursue a strategic vision across a variety of opportunities while also balancing resource demands.

Linux, Automatic Grade, Cloud Native Computing, Foundation, Hyperledger, LF Networking, and LF Deep Learning Foundation are these projects.

What I liked about courses provided by Linux Foundation?

Prestigious: The best thing about the courses provided by Linux Foundation Training and Certification is the amount of trust the industry has shown towards Linux. It is prestigious and holds a lot of weight. 

Variety: Every course is different in its own way and yes, there are so many courses from almost every technological domain. Linux has focused a lot on value creation and with every certification you complete, you add a lot of value to yourself.

Up-to-date courses: Are all the courses up to date? Well, some courses are well-updated and give you an enormous amount of practical and theoretical knowledge about the topic.

Large catalog: You will even find courses related to BlockChain, web development, cloud computing, etc. There are many topics that Linux has covered and you won’t find them anywhere else. 

Extra support: In many courses on Linux Foundation Training you will find that courses come with many workshops, hands-on training, live training sessions with Linux Experts, etc., and believe me that they are worth it!

So, yes it does make sense and it is worth it if you want to enroll for any course of your interest on Linux Foundation and get a respected name on your resume and unlock the box of opportunities for yourself. 

Which Are The Areas Where Linux Foundation Training Can Improve?

Pricing: While many courses are free and have free access to course content, there are many good courses that are very expensive to purchase and you must think before investing

Not in-depth: I found that paid courses are very in-depth but the courses which are provided by Linux for free are not so detailed and lack in-depth knowledge. 

My Personal Journey with Linux Foundation Training Programs

Initially, I was fretted up as you’re now. However, I took advice from my seniors and got into it without any doubt later. Later, I came to know that the trust factor in their entire course is commendable.


As I keep reading and learning, I start feeling the progress in the curriculum. However, there are certain things that I did not like was some outdated curriculum.

But, they also provide a paid course that helps to feel more comfortable. Apart from these things, the categories and quantities of the course were great.

Who Should Take Linux Foundation Training Courses?

The Courses provided by Linux Foundation Training & Certification are ideal for people belonging to these categories:

  • Entry-level IT and Computer Engineering/Science students who want professional training in various technology domains and especially wish to work in the Linux Environment.
  • Enterprise Teams: for every organization, it is difficult to keep the whole team on the same page. To make it easier for the organization can get their teams to take these courses and establish knowledge symmetry. Organizations can also invite Linux for various live sessions and workshops to train their employees.
  • Aspiring Cloud Engineers.
  • Those who wish to Hone their skills or improve their skillset.
  • These courses can also help students and aspirants who want to make a career in fields like cloud computing, open-source development, Linux systems, IT, etc. 

Linux Foundation Pricing Plans

The price of every course available on Linux Foundation Training & Certification differs from course to course.


Linux Foundation prices its courses individually and does not offer any monthly or annual subscription membership hence, you have to buy each course separately and complete it within the access period.

The price of every course can range from free courses to courses that can cost you around $3200. However, most courses fall in the bracket of $300 -$400 and you can take those and increase your skill set. 

There are a plethora of free courses which can give you beginner-level knowledge in a particular domain.

When it comes to quality training, course content, boot camps, and practical know-how, Linux has made sure that courses provide all these to the learner.

However, Linux isn’t an accredited education body so you won’t get any continuing education credit but the certification from Linux is respected in the industry and it increases your brand value.

So if you are serious and have a relevant interest in the fields where Linux has its footprints, you must get these certifications and improve your career prospects.

Linux Foundation Career Opportunities: What careers use Linux?

The Linux Foundation, in collaboration with the rest of the open-source community, plans to address difficult challenges by investing a large amount in shared technology.

The Linux Foundation collaborates to help create environments for open-source ventures to grow in the long term.

Collaborate with world-leading designers and organizations, and provide the necessary devices, training, and opportunities to scale any open-source venture.

A Virtual Workforce

The Linux Foundation is powered virtually, with employees in 36 states and four countries. 

Employees are given a stipend to buy their own computers, rent co-working spaces, and equip their home offices. Communication tools include Slack, Skype, and Google Hangouts.

Supporting Employees

The Linux Foundation has a culture of supporting employees, with a mission-driven focus on how it can have an impact on society.

The company provides health care for families and individuals, unlimited Paid time off, 12 weeks of parental leave for primary and secondary caregivers.

Sr. Manager, Marketing and Communications (O3DE)Full-timeMarketingLinux FoundationSan Francisco, CA
Marketing Manager, OpenJS and Academy Software FoundationsFull-timeMarketingLinux FoundationSan Francisco, CA
Senior Cloud Operations EngineerFull-timeIT servicesLinux FoundationSan Francisco, CA
Senior Marketing, PR and Social Media Manager, AGLFull-timeProjectsAGLSan Francisco, CA
LFN Support engineer, EUFull-timeIT servicesLinux FoundationDublin, County Dublin
Product Marketing Manager – Membership (Contract)ContractMarketingLinux FoundationSan Francisco, CA
OS-Climate Platform Technical Program Manager (Contract)ContractProjectsOS-ClimateRaleigh – Durham Area, North Carolina
VP CommunicationsFull-timeMarketingLinux FoundationWashington, DC
Sr. Product ManagerFull-timeProductsLinux FoundationSan Francisco, CA
Ecosystem Manager, HyperledgerFull-timeProjectsHyperledgerSan Francisco, CA
Inside Sales Representative – Cloud NativeFull-timeProjectsCNCFSan Francisco, CA
Inside Sales RepresentativeFull-timeRevenueLinux FoundationSan Francisco, CA

Linux Academy VS Linux Foundation: What’s the Difference?

Before you start epitomizing something inside your brain, let’s just read a few differences between them.

1. Linux Foundation offers numerous things besides training but Linux Academy focuses on courses only.

2. The courses are individually pricey but Linux Academy pricing is done on a monthly or yearly basis.

3. The Foundation course will give a feeling of a little traditional with its curriculum & intuitive design. Well, Linux Academy feels like an Uber-modern UX/UI type.

Final Thoughts On Linux Foundation Training Review

For anyone who aspires to make a career in technologies like Open source networks, AI, ML, Cloud Computing, SaaS, PaaS, blockchain, and a lot more.

Linux covers almost everything for you by providing you with high-quality courses, live boot camps, training sessions, case studies, workshops, etc.

Linux has a large enough catalog that keeps getting updated to meet the needs of the learners.

These courses can act as a foundation for your career and provide you with strong fundamental knowledge and expertise to handle and operate different technologies and contribute to your organization or innovate for yourself and the future.

So, I would recommend you to enroll in the courses where your interest lies and get the best out of these courses and improve your skillset.

Summary: I would recommend it to everyone who is interested in the kind of things Linux does. The courses are In-dept, the interface is good, the trainers are highly qualified and the community support is amazing. That’s all from my side on Linux Foundation Course Review!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Linux Foundation training worth it?

Well in one word it is amazing. Linux Foundation training has a large catalog of courses from many domains of technology and you can learn whatever interests you. The courses are practical, Linux keeps updating the course curriculum as per the needs of the students, and provides a great learning experience. Some paid courses also have hands-on workshop training, live sessions, etc all of this can provide you with in-depth knowledge and know-how of the particular subject.

How can I get Linux certification for free?

Linux provides many courses which are completely free and gives you an enormous amount of knowledge, to begin with. Some courses provide free access to course content however, to get a certification you need to pay.

How do I become Linux certified?

By completing any of the courses or certifications provided by the Linux Foundation and passing the exam of that course you can get Linux Certified. Linux Foundation provides many free and paid courses on many domains of technology.

Can I get a job with Linux certification?

Linux is a big name and brand in the technology world. It has gained an enormous amount of Goodwill and prestige in its three-decades-long journey, and this has made Linux one of the leading organizations which are committed to the democratization of technology. Hence, if you can get certified in Linux and gain deeper knowledge and understanding of its open-source technologies, you can apply for Jobs in almost any area of your interest and can work in the Linux Environment smoothly.

How much do Linux jobs pay?

According to Salary.com, Linux Administrator's Salary in the US is on average $96,323 per annum, if you are in the 50th Percentile. The salary can increase if you are in the upper percentile range, if you fall in the 90th percentile, you can earn as much as $1,20,000 per annum. Lastly, if you fall in lower percentiles you can earn $76,000 per annum. The salary may differ from company to company and job role to job role. But you can rest assured that certification from Linux will give a boost to your skill set and improve your personal brand.

How to Contact the Linux Foundation?

For general inquiries, you can contact us through this email address: Info@linuxfoundation.org  For inquiries related to events and conferences, you can send your email to events@linuxfoundation.org For inquiries related to training and certification, you can send your email to training@linuxfoundation.org

How long does it take to learn Linux?

If you use Linux as your primary operating system, it will take a few days to learn how to use it. You can spend two or three weeks learning the basic commands if you want to learn how to utilize the command line.

How difficult is the CKA exam?

The exam requires three hours of dedicated effort to complete 24 questions, but it is rewarding if you enjoy solving problems.

Which is easier CKA or CKAD?

CKAD is not simple because it lacks topics on cluster administration. The CKA exam lasts 2 hours, whereas the CKAD exam lasts 3 hours. Your organization needs three or more CKAs to become a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider.

Is Linux in demand?

According to 74 percent of hiring managers, Linux is the most in-demand talent. 69% of businesses look for candidates with cloud and container experience, up from 64% last year. Security is also important, with 48% of employers looking for this skill.

Is Windows 10 better than Linux?

Linux is faster than Windows because Linux has a current desktop experience and operating system qualities, whereas Windows is slow on older hardware.

Is Linux admin a good career?

The demand for Linux specialists is increasing all the time, and becoming a sysadmin may be a tough, exciting, and lucrative career path. Linux is a great operating system for experimenting and reducing workload.

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