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Sale Samurai Discount Code 2024 | Save 25% OFF On Yearly Plans

Welcome to Sale Samurai Discount Code 2024! Get a huge Save 25% OFF On Yearly Plans now and save big on your purchases.

It's like a special trick for getting great discounts. Just like Sales Samurai helps Etsy sellers sell better, our discount code is here to make your shopping experience awesome. It's like a secret weapon for your wallet!

Hurry up and grab the deal now,

Available Sale Samurai Discount Codes

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Sale Samurai 3 Day Free Trial

Use the coupon code to Get started with Sale Samurai free trial for 3-days.


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25% OFF Sale Samurai Coupon And Discount Codes

Get 25% savings on Sale samurai yearly plan. Grab the deal, this deal is valid for limited time of a period


How To Claim Sale Samurai Discount Code?

Step 1: Click on the Sale Samurai Discount code to go to the Sale Samurai website.

Sale samurai Home page

Step 2: On the website, click on ‘Pricing' from the top menu. This will take you to the pricing page, where you can see different plans.


Step 3: Choose your preferred plan by clicking on ‘Start Today' under the desired option.

Click On Start Today

Step 4: Complete the registration by providing necessary details such as email, name, and password.


Step 5: Click on ‘Register' after filling in all the required information.

Step 6: Proceed to the billing page, where you enter details like the cardholder’s name and credit card number. And use the discount code.

Step 7: Confirm your selected plan and enter the discount code in the provided box. Finally, click on the ‘Subscribe’ button.

Final Step

Congratulations! You've successfully claimed your discount. Enjoy using Sale Samurai!

Sale Samurai Pricing

PlanPriceBest For
Monthly$9.99/monthNew users exploring for a few months
Yearly$99.99/year (Save 20%)Regular users seeking long-term access and savings
Sale Samurai Pricing Plans

1. Monthly Plan:

  • Price: $9.99/month
  • Best For: New users who want to explore the platform for a few months.

Features Included:

  • Long-tail keywords
  • Listing data
  • Real Etsy search volume
  • Tag suggestions
  • Shop analytics
  • 3-Day Free Trial

2. Yearly Plan:

  • Price: $99.99/year (Save 20% compared to monthly)
  • Best For: Regular Sales Samurai users looking for long-term access and cost savings.

Features Included:

  • Long-tail keywords
  • Listing data
  • Real Etsy search volume
  • Tag suggestions
  • Shop analytics
  • 3-Day Free Trial

By opting for the Yearly Plan, users can save 20% compared to the Monthly Plan, making it a cost-effective choice for those who use Sales Samurai regularly. Both plans include a 3-Day Free Trial for users to experience the platform before committing to a subscription.

Choose the plan that aligns with your needs and enjoy the benefits of Sales Samurai's powerful features.

Conclusion: Sale Samurai Discount Code (2024)

That's it for the Sales Samurai discount code! Sales Samurai gives you tools to list and sell stuff on Etsy.

You can check out your competitors, know what you're up against, and see how many people are searching for what you want to sell on Etsy.

Hope you saved some money on your Sales Samurai plan! Check our website for more discounts and coupon codes. Happy selling!


Is Sale Samurai Worth It?

Absolutely! The Sale Samurai Chrome Extension is great for Etsy sellers wanting to boost their search visibility. Plus, there's a free trial, so you can test the platform's features.

How To Get Sale Samurai Discount Code?

Getting a Sale Samurai discount is easy. Just click on “Get Code” or “Get Deal” with each coupon. For “Get Code,” copy and use it during checkout. If it's “Get Deal,” use it directly without a code.

How To Use Sale Samurai on Etsy?

Type a keyword in Sale Samurai's basic search to see what top Etsy sellers are doing, understand your competition, and know how often users search for that keyword. Use this info to stay competitive.

How Many Sale Samurai Online Coupons Are Available?

Check wp-blogging's Sale Samurai coupon page for 31 available coupons. Use them soon, as they might expire. Take the opportunity to save big with Tenere.

Who Owns Sale Samurai?

Sale Samurai is owned by Sale Samurai, LLC, a Colorado limited liability corporation, founded by Todor Karlikov.

How Much is a Samurai Seller?

Samurai Seller offers a free trial with all features for one product. Paid plans range from $99 to $349 per month, including an extra 2 to 5% for ad spending.

Today's Best Sale Samurai Coupon?

The best Sale Samurai coupon gives you up to 55% off. Act fast as it might expire soon. Don't miss out on this amazing deal!

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