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Best Blogging Platforms To Make Money In 2024

According to First Site Guide, “The estimated global number of blogs is over 572 million.

I have always been interested in writing and storytelling. When I was growing up, books, journals, and newsletters have been my best friends.

Best Blogging Platforms To Make Money

At the time of the pandemic, when I was sitting at home in boredom and had nothing to do, an idea came up in my mind to start earning money through writing.

That's when I came up with the idea of starting a blog. Do you know that out of the nearly two billion websites that exist in the world today, over 600 million of them are blogs?

Well, this was my first motivation to start my own blog.

But starting the blog requires too much brainstorming and research. And one of the most important things is to find the right blogging platforms. In my journey through the whole process, I came to know about the best blogging platforms to make money.

Every talent is a talent, and a talent to write is something that one should not let go of. I would suggest you take advantage of today’s digitalization and start blogging to make money.

What is a Blogging Platform?

A blogging platform is software where you can write and publish articles, product reviews, and opinions. It is a broadcast-style communication style where you are able to connect with many users through websites, social media, social networks, emails, e-magazines, newsletters, etc.


A blog can be written or in video form. So, it is crucial to choose the place where you are gonna post the blogs.

Video blogs can be very suitable to be posted on YouTube whereas traditionally written blogs can be on platforms like WordPress, LinkedIn, etc.

Best Blogging Platforms to Make Money

It can be hard for you to analyze and choose the right platform to start your blog for making money. Let me help you with that. In this article, I am going to talk about the best blogging platforms to make money.

Let’s Go!

#1) WordPress

WordPress is one of the most well-known open-source blogging platforms. It is used by over 40% of the total websites on the Internet.


It holds the number one position in the list of the best free blogging platforms to earn money. This blogging platform provides you so many internal tools to improve your blog in terms of reach and engagement.

I started using WordPress to create my blogging website four years ago, and I have loved it since then. Several small and big organizations use WordPress for CMS (Content Management System).

One of the best things about WordPress is that its operation does not require any kind of technical knowledge. Back then I did not have any technical knowledge, and WordPress was an easy option to go with.
WordPress will provide you with whole ownership of your website and you can customize it however you want to. Moreover, it provides an easy-to-use feature because of the partnerships it has with several web hosting providers.

Around 40% of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.WordPress does not handle your security and backups.
You have a lot of options to monetize your content.
WordPress provides you with 100% ownership and control.

#2) Wix

Wix became popular because of its drag-and-drop feature. My experience on Wix was pretty smooth and I did not have to face many learning curves. It is user-friendly with so many easy-to-use internal tools.


You can use Wix both for free and the paid version. It provides you with several customization options with the paid version of Wix. Though the free version is full of advertisements and has limited customization options.

I would suggest you go with the paid version if you want to make money off of your blogs. Because the paid version will make your website look professional and the readers can rely on it more.

The drag-and-drop software tool can help beginner writers easily manage their blogs.However, there are various third-party plugins here.
It is user-friendly and contains less learning curve.Hosting options are less.
200+ App integrations.
Offers more than 800 design templates.

#3) Ghost.org

Ghost is best known for its popularity among writers and journalists. The user interface is not complex and you will not have to put a lot of effort into starting your blogging.


You should consider this as the best blogging platform to earn money.

One of the biggest features of Ghost is that it provides you with built-in plugins that eventually make your content more optimized. I have used the SEO tool which made my blogs more SEO-optimised. The ranking of my articles on Google search was also improved.

I believe that Ghost has a wide range of users, from writers who just started to professionals and expert editors. The range of services that Ghost provides is also remarkable. It includes membership websites, subscription newsletters, gated digital content, selling products digitally, and selling courses.

Many inbuilt plugins and tools to support your blogs.Less user-friendly.
Ghost does not consider your revenue generation.
You entirely control and own your content

#4) Medium

Medium is one of the best free blogging platforms to earn money in this digital world. It is easy to design, create and publish your blogs with the least of your effort.


The best thing about Medium is that it has a Partner Program, which helps writers to post articles and earn money on the best blogging platform.

Medium provides a built-in audience to the writers who get paid by the total number of readers and their reading time.

I have noticed that bloggers use the Partner Program to earn money on Medium. But eventually, they hop on some other platform or use some other way to earn money through blogging.

It is free and easy to use for beginners out there.Bloggers leave this platform eventually.
Built-in audience and monetization process.
Medium helps in ranking on Google Search.

#5) SubStack

Have you ever wondered how email newsletter works? Let Substack guide you with that. If you want to make money through subscriptions, then I would suggest that you should start an email newsletter on Substack.


Even if you are planning to create a podcast, then you can choose Substack as an option. It has a Substack newsletter delivery system, through which an audio creator can share their podcast and monetize their content.

Substack is mostly suitable for newsletters. Well, Substack has a combination of two main features. Firstly, it will send newsletter posts to its subscribers. Secondly, it is easy to post that newsletter on your domain.

Substack is used for both Newsletters and Blogging platforms.There are various hidden charges
It deals with issues related to the logistics of your newsletters.
Monetization on Substack is optional.
It is an all-in-one easy to use platform

#6) Vocal.Media

I have always found Vocal.Media is the best blogging platform to make money because of its ability to discover, reward, and support content creators.


It has several features that allow the creator to engage with their communities, which include musicians, writers, artists, filmmakers, etc.

Vocal.Media is the best for creative people out there. It provides you with different ways to monetize your content and increase the engagement of the content. One of my friends who are interested in Music a lot uses Vocal.Media to earn money through his content.

The payscale for Vocal.Media is $3.80 on every thousand reads. It is given that both Vocal and creators are collectively paid $6.00 per thousand reads.

It also allows the reader to tip you directly with the micropayment methods which go directly to your account. Exciting, isn't it?

Payscale is optimum.It takes around 24 to 72 hours for your article to be published.
Vocal.Media provides you with a built-in monetization system.
You can use it for free.

#7) NewsBreak

I have used NewsBreak as a consumer on my mobile phone and I like the content available there, which means that the creators on NewsBreak are doing well. This platform is well-known for its news-sharing content.


According to their LinkedIn profile, “News Break now has more than 40 million monthly unique visitors and 12 million daily active users.”

I guess you must have gotten the idea that NewsBreak is not a blogging platform but you can choose it as one. If you are writing regional or trendy content, then you must try this one of the best blogging platforms.

Regional and Time-sensitive contents are good to go.Not made ideally for blogging.
Get paid per article and revenue shared.
Negotiation is available on these platforms.

#8) Blogger.com

Blogger is one of the best free blogging platforms to earn money. There is not much fuss to start with. Unlike other platforms, like WordPress, you do not need to customize any part of your blog.


Won't it be amazing to add pictures and videos to your blogs to make them more interactive? Blogger as one of the best blogging platforms to make money is here to make it possible for you. You can add your desired audio, video, and images in just a click.

There are many templates available to start your journey with. So, what are you waiting for? Jump on Blogger.com and start earning.

Easy to use for new users and tech-savvy.100 posts per day is the limit for this Blogger.com
It has many pre-designed themes.
There are several options available to monetize your content

What to look for when choosing a blogging platform?

When I started my blogging journey, I definitely had so many questions. I knew nothing about the best blogging platforms to make money.

There are many factors that you need to take care of when you are choosing a blogging platform.


To make your article more effective and interactive, you should choose a platform that is suitable for your needs. If you want to make your blogs leave an impression on others, then I would suggest you buy a subscription or paid service.

I know that it might feel a bit too much, but it will be worth it!


Now comes the reason you have been reading this article. Isn’t it making money? I guess yes! You should choose the best blogging platform to make money because that is one of the biggest reasons why you are writing content.

You will see many monetization options on different blogging platforms, like paid subscriptions, content packages, ad space, affiliate marketing, etc. Choose the one that is the most suitable for you.


You should be allowed to make your blog look how you want it to. It is important for the best blogging platform to provide you with personalized and customized blogs and websites. The customization option helps you to create a good vibe in your blogs and connect with the readers more.

Choose your layouts, display, and color choices should be on point. It should give an inviting energy to the readers so that the readers would feel interested in reading your article. Make the readers feel tempted and compelled to stay on your website.

Ease of Use

Beginners should look for the best blogging platform to make money that is easy to use. A user-friendly blogging platform should always be a number one priority. This will help you focus more on your content and less on the process.

There are blogging platforms that have many complexities like coding knowledge which as a beginner, you should avoid.


I have always felt that WordPress is one of the best free blogging platforms. It is because of the compatibility it has provided me over time. Initially, it was a bit difficult for me to get along with its features, but later on, I was really happy and satisfied with all the tools and their integration into WordPress.

So, all I am trying to say is that you should always consider the best option for you. You should be comfortable with your writing, creating, sharing, and monetization process.

Skill Level

Identify your skill level as if you are a beginner or a pro. I am pretty sure a lot of people reading this article are beginners, so choose the one that matches your skill level.

There are platforms only for beginners and there are some for pros. Mostly, the customization and personalization will get affected because of your skill level.

Keep upskilling yourself and learn more to handle complex platforms because they are filled with options and opportunities.

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Conclusion: The Best Blogging Platforms That Make Money

In my opinion, if you are looking for a user-friendly blogging platform that makes money, then you should go with Medium. However, if you are looking for something that is next level, then go with WordPress.

There are many options available and factors to take into consideration like your skillset, writing style, audience reach, etc. Make sure that whatever you choose fits all your needs


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