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Jungle Scout Review 2023 – Pros & Cons, Ratings & More

Jungle scout Reveiw

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You want to sell something on Amazon, but you're not sure what to sell. Then this review of Jungle Scout is for you!

There are a lot of people who sell things on Amazon and for good reason. You can make a lot of money! You can find the right mix of high-demand and low-competition goods these days with the right tool.

An app like Jungle Scout can help in this situation.

And in this Jungle Scout review, we'll talk about how we used this tool to build Amazon FBA businesses that made more than $100,000.


  • A browser plugin is super convenient
  • Product tracker helps prevent poor decisions based on temporary sales spikes
  • Product database lets you slice and dice in just about every way possible


  • The product tracker maxes out at a 60-day timespan

An Unprecedented Opportunity

You may have heard that Amazon's sales have been going up every year. They are in charge of about half of all e-commerce sales and bring in hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

Think about that for a minute.

You may have also heard that more than half of the things sold on Amazon come from people who don't work for Amazon.

A lot of those buyers are just like you and me.

Jungle Scout Review

Many people are interested in Jungle Scout. Popularity is a primary FBA selling tool and as a resource for researching products.

This is the kind of technology on which many highly-rated Amazon sellers rely.

Jungle Scout Review.

Many people have praised it, obviously. Are the costs justified?

You're right, it is.

Is this something that regular Amazon merchants can use?

You'll see why in this review of Jungle Scout.

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What Is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a tool that helps you research Amazon products. It is used by many successful Amazon buyers and can help you decide what to sell on Amazon.

It does this by using key numbers from Amazon.

And spitting out information like best seller rank, number of reviews, and other factors to give you expected monthly sales numbers and rank the chance of any given niche that Amazon sellers might be interested in.

Jungle Scout users can use both the Jungle Scout web app and the browser add-on.

Both are very helpful, and the extension gives you a quick but thorough study of a page's results when you search Amazon.com. The web app gives you even more information, making Jungle Scout worth a ton!

Finding Profitable Products To Sell On Amazon

Before we talk more about the unique features of Jungle Scout, it's important to talk about how to find profitable goods to sell on Amazon.

Not Overly Saturated

Amazon is a very competitive place to sell, which is why there are tools like Jungle Scout.

So you don't want to make the mistake of seeing that a certain type of product sells a lot each month and thinking it will be easy for you to join in.

Not always is the number of competitors the best indicator of a profitable field.

If there are hundreds or thousands of rivals in a product area, from high-end to low-priced products, you probably don't want to get into that category.

Jungle Scout can help you stay away from categories with too much competition. Which is why Jungle Scout is worth more than gold.

Consistent Demand

Even the best idea in the world isn't very useful if no one is ready to buy it.

It's tempting to come up with an idea you think is great, only to find out that the kind of product you're making doesn't sell well on Amazon.

This could be the case for a number of different reasons.

But the most important thing is to know for sure that people buy goods like yours on Amazon.

If you don't, you might spend a lot of money making a really good product that no one wants.

The sales estimate on Jungle Scout will let you know how well things are selling on Amazon right now.

Unique Benefit

Your goods should have some feature or benefit that is different and better than the competition. This is the best way to stand out from other people in your field.

Most of the time, you don't want to sell a “me-too” product, which is basically the same thing that everyone else is selling but with a different name.

When you do things this way, you often have to fight over price.

In those situations, it's really hard to make money for a long time.

Jungle Scout focuses on the information that Amazon has to offer. Even though that is important knowledge for any Amazon seller, it is not everything.

You won't be able to find out about things like “uniqueness” with a research tool like Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout Extension Vs. The Jungle Scout Web App

Jungle Scout has two versions: a browser plugin and a web app with more features that you can sign in to and use from any web browser.

We've used Google Chrome extensions more and more over time. Mostly because you can get the numbers you need right away when you're looking for things to sell.

But what's really cool is that all Jungle Scout users can now use both of them. Before, they were sold individually.

Let's quickly talk about some of the ways they are different.

Pricing – How Much Does Jungle Scout Cost? Is it Worth it?

At first, Jungle Scout's prices are a little hard to understand. There is an online app, a Chrome addon, and a package that includes both.

Whether you pay monthly or yearly changes the price. Also, it changes based on how many approved orders you get each month.

Is this fun or what?

how much is Jungle Scout?

But when you look more closely, it's not that hard to figure out. It's just not as simple to use as some other tools.

I'll quickly explain it to you here. Check out the price page for Jungle Scout if you just want to look at the plans and start a free trial fast.

How It Works

If you're not sure if you need Jungle Scout, you probably don't have thousands of orders coming in every month yet. So I'll just stick with the basics (0-500 orders a month).

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Pricing.

Jungle Scout costs $49/mo per month or $39/mo per year.

Chrome extension: $39/mo per month; $19/mo per year

If you buy both together, which you should, you save a lot of money. Monthly: $69/mo. | Annual: $49/mo.

Your payment depends on how many confirmed orders you have.
The more Jungle Scout you sell, the more you have to pay for it. It doesn't seem fair to me, but I don't want to build my own tool for researching Amazon products, so I don't have a choice.

NOTE: The payment for the Chrome application is always the same.

Here are the different ways to pay for the package deal (monthly or annually):

  • 501 – 2,000: $89/mo | $59/mo
  • 2,001 – 5,000: $119/mo | $79/mo
  • 5,0001 – 10,000: $219/mo | $139/mo
  • 10,001 +: $419/mo | $259/mo

Now, the question about $39 to $419 a month…

Does Jungle Scout have value?

This is one of the questions I get most often from new business owners. My answer is yes. 100%.

Opportunity Finder (Formerly Niche Hunter)

You can use the Opportunity Finder in Jungle Scout to find the best chances on Amazon by setting parameters like the areas you're interested in, the average number of monthly sales, the average price, and a few other things.

Keyword Hunter - Jungle Scout Review

Here are the search results when I didn't check anything and left all the choices at their defaults:

Niche Hunter Results

As you can see, not every answer is good.

For example, “Gildan 18500 pullover hoodie” is a brand name because “Gildan” is a clothes brand. So, it's clear that you can't make a Gildan shirt or a pair of Nike shoes.

That means you have to think a little bit to figure out what Niche Hunter's results mean since you only want to focus on niche keywords that don't include a brand name.

So, “cassette tape storage cases” is an example of something you could use. You thought that audio tapes were dead, didn't you?

Average Price

As the name suggests, this shows you the average price of the top 10 items that come up when you search Amazon for that term.

This probably isn't enough to decide if your idea is good or bad.

But if the average price of the top 10 is $12 and you were planning to sell it for $50, it could mean that the market isn't ready to pay the extra cost.

Average Units Sold

Again, you can find out how many units have been sold in the last 30 days by taking the average of the top 10 items. Note that Jungle Scout says it gets rid of “outliers,” but I couldn't figure out what that means.

Most of the time, this would happen if one product hasn't sold any, or if the best-selling product has sold 10,000 and the rest have only sold 500. The 10,000 would be an outlier.

I tried to find out how Jungle Scout figures this out, but I couldn't.

So don't put too much stock in the measure. In short, you want this number to be bigger. To find a successful area, you should have at least a few thousand.

The line below should be colored green to show that this is a good amount.


On a range from 1 to 10, a “1” is the least aggressive, which is what you want. Jungle Scout decides this based on how many reviews the top 10 products on Amazon have.

So, if most of the products on page 1 only have a few reviews, it should be easier for you to get a few reviews and rank quickly than if many of the products on page 1 have hundreds or thousands of reviews.

The sales number is a great measure, but if you can't get into the market because there's too much competition, you're out of luck.

Listing Quality Score (Lqs)

This number is calculated by Jungle Scout and shows how well the top 10 ads are optimized right now.

They look at important factors for optimizing Amazon listings, such as:

  • Things like the number of images
  • The formatting and use of bullet points
  • Length of description
  • The relevance of the description
  • The keyword being used in the title

You know, all the things that make an Amazon product page work well.

Jungle Scout says that an LQS of 3 or fewer means that the listing quality is very bad. Once you get to 7 or higher, you're looking at ads that are very good.

This doesn't mean that you can't fight in that area. It just means you need to think about it more and make sure you can stand out.

Opportunity Score

The Jungle Scout Opportunity Score is, as you might guess, a total of all the things listed above.

A score of 10 means it's a great chance, and a score of 1 means you should probably look for something else.

In general, the method looks for goods that are in high demand, but the top listings right now have low-quality listings and few reviews.

Those are often great chances for new sellers to get in and make money by just doing the basics better.

The opposite is true for a low opp score. Not only is there not a lot of desire for it, but the other companies already do a good job.

Keyword Scout

The next part of the Jungle Scout web app is the “Keyword Scout” tab, which has a smart name.

It's sort of like a Long Tail Pro for Amazon keywords.

You start by typing in a seed term (I'll use “cheese graters” as an example), and it will give you a list of similar keywords to look at:

Jungle Scout Keyword Research

Many of these fields are self-explanatory, like “exact match search volume,” which shows how many times that phrase is looked up in a month.

On the other hand, the broad match includes things like plurals and misspelled words.

Then, you'll see 3 columns that tell you how much it might cost you per click (PPC) to run paid ads on Amazon for those words.

You can also come up with your own word lists.

So, if you want to compare several product ideas, you can use Keyword Scout to quickly sort and see linked keywords instead of working with one long list.

Know Your Target Audience With The Keyword Scout

With Keyword Scout, it's never been easier to find out which Amazon search terms your customers are really using.

With the click of a button, the program will look backward through multiple ASINs to find the best keywords that your rivals are using.

You will not only be able to see the most-searched keywords, but you will also have access to each keyword's historical data. This will help you change your plan and save money on your PPC ads.

This is a great addition to Jungle Scout's features, and Keyword Scout adds a lot of value as the only tool you'll need to grow your Amazon FBA business (for more information, see our comparison of AMZScout vs. Jungle Scout).

Now, let's take a look at some of the other sections and what you'll do with them.

Recommended Giveaway

You may already know that it can be hard to get a product started on Amazon. On the one hand, you usually need reviews to make any sales that matter.

On the other hand, without reviews, it's hard to make sales.

It's the classic case of the “chicken and the egg”…

One way to get people interested in a new product is to sell it at a high price, which is almost like giving it away. You can also use a service like Jump Send or Viral Launch to send coupons to people who are looking for deals in a more organized way.

There are different ways to run a successful gift, such as the CPR method made famous by Helium 10.

Basically, you use a special URL with your offer to help your product's Amazon ranking.

When using Jungle Scout, the number you see in “Recommended Giveaway” is the expected number of units you'd need to give away every day for 1–2 weeks to get to the top 3 spots in Amazon for that search term.

So, in the case above, if I wanted to be one of the first three entries for “cheese grater,” I would have to sell 36 units per day for at least 7 days.

As you can see, those costs can quickly add up!

But it's good to know this number because it lets you do the math and figure out if your product idea is worth making.

Can you afford to lose a lot at first before you start making money?

Ease To Rank

Another formula in Jungle Scout is like the “opportunity score” we looked at earlier.

In this case, the software thinks it will be easier to rank for that term if the number is closer to 100.

One-word words like “grater” have a score of 100 in our search, which means it would be very hard to rank at the top of Amazon with them.

Even though more long-tail terms like “electric cheese grater” have a score of 10, ranking on page 1 should be pretty easy.

Relevancy Score

This is all about how close a term is to what you were looking for in the first place. If you already know a lot about a product niche or the product you're starting, this piece might not be helpful for you.

But if you're still learning about a product, you might come across search terms, synonyms, and slang that you don't know.

This could mean that you need to include more keywords in your listing. Do a quick sort by importance to see what else comes up near the top.

Product Tracker

The Product Tracker does exactly what it says it does: it lets you keep track of how well a product does over time.

You can see the average price of goods that are similar by making groups in the Jungle Scout app.

For example, I put together a group of different cheese graters to see how they work together as well as how they do on their own.

Jungle Scout Keyword Tracker

At the top, you can see that I'm looking at numbers from the last 7 days, but I could change that to show numbers from the last 60 days.

Which gives you a much more complete picture of how these goods have been doing over time.

This is important because almost every product is affected by the time of year. During the holidays, most goods' numbers will be boosted.

Sometimes, something like a pool raft might look like it has great numbers in June, but it might look much worse in October.

Even the best ski ads on Amazon probably aren't selling many racing skis in July.

So looking at 60 days will give you a more true picture than looking at just one day.

Jungle Scout Product Database

You can find and sort through almost all of Amazon's goods through the product database.

There are hundreds of thousands of ads in question. There's a lot of information to sort through there.

What you can do with these lists with Jungle Scout is pretty strong.

You can find in almost any way you want by using filtering factors to narrow down the list:

Jungle Scout Product Database

Looking for Sports & Outdoors goods that get between 3 and 4 stars in reviews and sell at least 500 units a month?

No problem.

You only need to click a few times to get that list.

Want to find the best goods in a particular category? Try choosing your area and setting the highest quality score for your post to 4.

We did this below in the beauty area and then sorted the results by sales to see which low-quality listings are selling the most goods.

Product Database Filtering

Could it be a good idea to make your own brand of pimple patches?

Supplier Database

Jungle Scout's supplier library is a fairly new tool.

It's a great feature for people who are interested in Amazon FBA but don't like taking risks because it connects you with only the best global sellers who can make your product ideas come true.

Imagine it as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for producers.

Not only has it checked out the sources to make sure they're legit, but it also helps you find companies that specialize in your product type or niche, which will likely lower your costs in the long run… …and a lot more.

Chrome Extension Overview

Think of the Jungle Scout browser application as a smaller, portable version of Jungle Scout.

I've found that I use the browser plug-in for Jungle Scout more than the web app.


Because it's easy and works when you're looking at things on Amazon.

For example, I can look for “cheese grater” and click a button to see how well the best-sellers are doing:

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Note that you can quickly add goods to your web app product tracker by clicking the “+” sign.

This helps because, as we've already said. During the Christmas shopping season, I took this screenshot. So it's possible that the graters are selling a lot more than they do in a normal month.

Because of this, it would be good to look back in 30–60 days and find out what the usual numbers were.

Another thing I like about the browser app is that it gives you a quick, easy-to-read summary at the top that shows the average price, the number of monthly sales, and even a chance score based on demand and competition.

Before you buy something, you should do a little more research, but the Jungle Scout app can point you in the right direction when it comes to what to look into.

In our case, we've put out at least a dozen items on Amazon. Many of them have nothing to do with each other and belong to different groups.

Using Jungle Scout To Grow A Successful Business On Amazon Fba

When we are trying to come up with ideas, we spend a lot of time on Amazon hitting on things like:

AMazon suggestions

Maybe there are too many cheese graters on the market. But perhaps peelers and zesters would be better?

This is the kind of knowledge that Jungle Scout can help Amazon buyers find. And finding your next high-demand product is helpful not just at the beginning of your Amazon FBA trip when you are looking for products to sell. And you won't find a great product until you dig deep into product data.

You can quickly check out sales and reviews by going on Jungle Scout while you're looking at goods on Amazon. Then write down any ideas that seem likely to work.

Then, you can look into it and find out how much it costs to make those things. As well as everything else that goes into making an idea come to life.

There are many things you can do on Amazon's store. But if you want to get the most out of being an FBA seller, you need a tool that helps you find the best business possibilities.

We hope this guide has given you everything you need to know. So you can decide whether or not Jungle Scout is right for you.

And how any option to Jungle Scout stacks up.

Jungle Scout Faq

Here are some popular questions about Jungle Scout and their solutions, which may help you decide.

Can I Cancel Jungle Scout At Any Time?

You can end your access to Jungle Scout at any time. With a regular contract, this is a very easy and clear thing to do. Just click Cancel Plan in the Subscriptions section of Settings. If you have their yearly plan, you can just send an email to support@junglescout.com to get in touch with their support team.

Which Jungle Scout Plan Is Best?

Which Jungle Scout plan is best for you relies on what you need. If you really want to grow your Amazon FBA business, the basic plan probably won't be enough. The Suite Plan is the best and most popular choice for buyers because of this. You can use more powerful seller tools and see more detailed terms and product statistics from the past. And the price isn't too bad when you think about how you could use it to grow a very successful Amazon FBA business.

How Does Jungle Scout Compare To Helium 10?

Jungle Scout is our top pick on a list of the best tools for Amazon sellers because it is much cheaper, gives more correct data, and has a lot of free tools that can help any Amazon seller grow. Jungle Scout is probably the best choice for most Amazon FBA sellers. You could also say that Helium 10 is more powerful and therefore scarier for users. At the same time, some tools, like AMZScout, are better for beginners. Jungle Scout, on the other hand, is in the middle and can be useful for everyone.

Jungle Scout Review Final Thoughts

Overall, Jungle Scout is a great tool that can help almost all Amazon FBA sellers with something. Because of this, it's usually used as the gold bar to compare other Amazon study tools.

Amazon FBA is a great way to make money online, but you'll need the right online tool to keep you on track and help you grow your business.

If you want a different option, I'd suggest Helium 10, which we've also used and found to be very helpful.

Still, Jungle Scout's features make it a very useful and powerful tool for figuring out how the competition is doing, and their product tracker is a great way to see how goods do over time.

A mistake that many buyers make is to only look at sales during a busy time. Then putting a lot of money into a product that won't sell well for most of the year.

If you're patient and use a tool like Jungle Scout, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and money.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope this review of Jungle Scout was useful.

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